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Format of Afghan Blankets Crochet

This Afghan blanket is one of the most beautiful crochet patterns. Which is what you're going to do. I have to admit that I always looking for a long intro that tells me a story, and it annoys me a bit when the websites do not have it, but there is nothing wrong with the basic short introduction that our site has. I will be providing the blanket link with the complete step-by-step.

Each pattern includes:
A large photo of finished product
Short and sweet name
A simple text box with the information you need to create the project.
This includes all materials, wires and notions. 
The wire information is weight, meter, and color, but it does not specifically say which wire was used for the sample in the photo; This information is available, however, in a list at the end of the site. 
It also has a 1-4 level of standard test difficulty and the measurements of the final size of the blanket.

Access the written walkthrough - Blanket Mountain Mist Afghan

Mountain Mist Afghan information. 
Line-by-line instructions.
Notes to help him. This part is a characteristic highlight.
The notes are in a different font color and Are properly placed within the standard text where you need it. For example, the sunny Tweed Crochet pattern tells us at the start working Afghan using two strands of wool, held together.
Then You tell us that when we drop the wire we want to let it fall to the wrong side.
Mounting charts for more complicated crochet patterns

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