⇰ How to do Simple Crochet for Beginners

Over the years many people have joined make handicrafts to spend time how to do simple crochet, so that clothes and accessories from simple protections for the day to day to become improved handicraft pieces over the years. And one of these techniques that had your origin in medieval times was the technique of how to do simple crochet (will also learn how to make a crochet Cardigan), which is one of the ways to interlace the lines always using a good needle, similar to knitting, however with the use of a single needle tip curve.

Tips for those who are beginners how to do simple crochet.

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With the use of crochet techniques it is possible to create a good-looking braided with a mesh, and from this braided varied models emerge, such as dresses, tops, touch or carpets.

And to help you with the first steps in the world of crochet, separated the top tips in this video for those who are starting their work of crochet, and I still don't know where to start: see how to make ribs with a crochet cardigan Follow the video Tutorial, how to do simple crochet.

Learn how to add ribbing to a crochet cardigan... por Craftsdoityourself

There are several ideas for how to do a Single crochet, and a more interesting than the other. You can make the template that you want, for the time that you want, how to make a hand with the line to crochet more sophisticated and still embroider pedrarias, for example, or make a more colorful crochet blanket, for use during the day, with more informal and relaxed looks.

>> Video with tips on Crochet for beginners <<

 For the younger girls you can make a cardigaN with the shape of the face of Hello Kitty, Kitty's so beloved by children. The base can be made with an oval piece made with lows and beginning with several chain until you get a medium size and go a crocheted around, forming the piece that will be the base. At the end just to make the ears, also low and separately. And to finish the piece, embroider the face details, do and nail a flower in one of the ears and then add the bag strap.

 Another simple way to learn to crochet is to make a well sophisticated handbag, you can crochet a rectangle with the points you want to use and with the line that you want to use, creating a mix of interesting colors. After enough sewing by hand or machine one end of the rectangle forming the base of the bag and leaving the other end as the flap that closes. And to close your purse you can do a crochet too close or put a button or velcro pieces, among many other options. And if you want to increase this type of crochet handbag to party, can embroider a stones in each crochet motif.

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