Frida's Flowers Blanket - Instructions + Video

Have you ever wanted to give your own contribution to the collection of quilts the family? One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the crochet. The work's pretty fast and the results can be stored for years on end. Let's start!

✄ Choose your line. The size and thickness of your blanket, as well as their skills in crochet, can help you choose the type of row. If you are starting on crochet, choose a line with smooth texture, light color for easy viewing of the points that will be done and the average weight.
Consider the need for 3-4 skeins of line for a lap blanket or newborn. Reconsider and make a larger blanket.
If you are still unsure if there's enough line to the project at hand, buy one or two Hanks extra. So you can give the blanket; When you complete your first job then becomes addictive art of crochet.

Ravelry Pattern HERE

✄ Choose a size of needle. Knitting needles range from 2, 25 mm to 19 mm. Here's what to keep in mind when you choose a needle:
The greater the larger the needle point. Higher points are easier to see and mean that you will make the blanket faster. However, you will also spend more online.
Higher points are also more loose and good for light blankets. If you want a particularly warm blanket, choose a smaller needle for tightest points.
If you are starting to make crochet needle size 9 mm choice or greater. You can work your way with smaller needles so they feel more comfortable with the crochet.

✄ Choose a point. Your points will determine the appearance and composition of your blanket. There are a plethora of points to choose from and you can even improvise with the basics to create your own. This article will describe some patterns easy with which you can start.

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