How to Make and Use Afghan Knit Blanket for Bedding

Ideas For Knitting Blanket Spots

There are a few months left for the winter to start, so there is still time for you to knit or crochet one of the most desired accessories to decorate and ensure the warmth of your bedroom with a piece of knitting. This piece has been heavily used on the foot of the bed, leaving the look of the room much more beautiful and cozy. See step-by-step how to make and use this cool PDF accessory: Free Patterns Ravelry download
These knitting blankets that are making the most success in decorating rooms and other environments of the house in the cold season are accommodated on the feet of the bed in a horizontal position, on your quilt or duvet often used. The blankets can be of a very basic tone to match any bedding and décor, such as a nude tone, or even colored depending on your personal taste.

Usually they are made in wool or cotton thread, but can be made as you prefer. Online models tend to be heavier therefore have a more beautiful trim on the bed, and cause less allergy in contact with the skin. The same does not occur with wool, since it usually has an acrylic yarn, which slightly disturbs some people.

To make your blanket you need a pair of large, high-numbered knitting needles, which makes the stitches well large and loose. The measurement can be about 80 cm by 200 cm. Ideally, they cover a good part of the end of the bed and lie on the sides. As for knitting work, the "eight" stitches and the braids are very often used.

See the Footsteps of how to knit the videos below.

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