Learn to crochet shawl Triangular Crocodile: Video Tutorial

Free crochet shawl Patterns

In this post you will find all the information you need to know if you want a crocheted shawl, with free standard. This includes basic forms shawl, advice from experts, links to patterns, crochet shawl inspiration and more.

A shawl is a large piece of fabric that is used usually packed loosely around her shoulders and arms. It can also be worn wrapped around the neck and head. Recently it has been popular to use triangular shawls back around the neck as "Scarves Triangle". Variations on the shawl, or items considered similar to shawls include shawlettes, stoles, wraps and capelets. A type of shawl is the prayer shawl (or meditation shawl or friendship shawl); the crocheter pray or think kind thoughts to the recipient as the shawl is being worked ..

➥ What size do you crochet shawl?

You can make your crochet shawl of any size you want and you will find that the shawl crochet patterns have much variation in size. This is good because you can replace the wires in shawl patterns and will be no big deal if changes a little size. That said, most average crochet shawls are between 50 "and 70" across the larger point. The widest point is sometimes called the "scope". The shortest side varies greatly; between 17 "and 25" for a shawl adult size is a good starting point, but this can be very different.

➥ basic crochet shawl Forms

You can crochet a shawl in almost any way you want, of course, but are the four most common ways for crochet shawl:

1. Rectangular Shawl. The rectangular scarf is a great way to start with shawl since it is easy to create even as a beginner crocheter. You can turn almost any crochet scarf pattern in a shawl, making it the largest.

2. Triangle Shawl. The triangular shape is one of the most popular forms of shawl. Often it worked top down as a solid piece, although there are many variations in how it can be built.

3. Half circle shawl. The semi-circle shawl is basically a variation in the form of triangle, but of course it has softer edges. - Also is a popular choice.

4. circle Shawl. The circle is not a common form of shawl but once in a while you will see a circle shawl and stands out from the crowd.

➥ For you who already know cook by graph

➥ Video tutorial is in Spanish, Place caption for your language

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