How to Crochet Popcorn Point

As chickpea spot, popcorn and pineapple point

The popcorn point is a popular crochet technique that gives texture to the surface of a piece. This point is raised to the surface, like a popcorn. The basic point is made working 5 high points in space and pulling them together, but the way you work the point on your part can vary depending on whether you are working in low or high.Today we will learn from the Channe Bluu

1) Do 5 high points in a single point. When you need to make a point popcorn in the career of a pre-established chain on, start by 5 high points in the set point of that career.
If you can not make a high point, you may see the Tips for instructions.

2) Insert the needle at the first point of the group. Remove the needle from the last point, leaving an open handle. Re-insert the needle on the top wire of the first point of popcorn group, then back through the open handle.
At this point you have 2 turns at the needle: the first and last of the popcorn group.

3) Close the group. Make a slip stitch by pulling the handle open (end) through the first point, you should already be on your needle.
Use your finger to push the popcorn point to the right side of the surface.
This step completes the popcorn point.

4) Separate your points. Often, you will need to repeat the point popcorn to create a pattern on your part. The popcorn points are almost always separated by at least one or two little chains, however, rarely are next to each other.

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