Exclusive Crochet triangle Shawl.

Crochet shawls are great. They can be super easy to make, so they are a good beginner project, but can also be detailed and intricate for experienced crocheteras. Use them to practice new stitches or just make a crochet shawl that offers a repeatable stitch for meditative crochet. There are many, many patterns of crochet shawl on youtube. However, after a while, they can start to look alike. That is why I decided to ride this beautiful exclusive crochet shawl that stand out from others in the sea of ​​beautiful designs on the internet. For those who do not have much skill in doing knitting or crochet work, the loom brings you that has this difficulty a technique in which will make learning easier. With the method made in loom will allow you to make numerous beautiful pieces, such as: Rugs, shawls, baby blankets, scarves, blouses and so many that your imagination can reach.

Crochet Shawl with Pattern Free

They are works that can be made with wool, threads and string. Pieces that you can create and with creative accessories, transform into incredible ideals. This beautiful triangular scarf that we will share made by the craftswoman Marcia Ester, was a work done with line, but if you wish to make the piece with wool is also very beautiful and for the winter will be a great option.

Youtube Channel Tejiendo Con Lidia

The video tutorial is in Spanish. Put legend in English, da to understand the point is very simple

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