Crochet Chevron stitch baby blanket.

C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Tutorial

Have you always wanted to make your own contribution to the c2c blanket collection for family babies? One of the easiest ways to do this is by using crochet. The work moves very fast and the results can be saved for years on end. Let's start!

How to Make a C2c Crochet Blanket for Baby
1) Determine the size of the chevron c2c blanket at the end you want. The size of your c2c blanket will depend on the purpose and who will use it. Here are some common sizes of blankets:
✓ Newborn Blanket: 90x90 cm
✓ Infantil Children's blanket: 90x105 cm
↪ Teen Sleeve: 120x150 cm
↪ Adult blanket: 125x175 cm
↪ Collar cover: 90x120 cm

2) Choose your line. The size and thickness of your blanket, as well as your crochet skills, can help you choose the type of line. If you are a beginner in crochet, choose a line with smooth texture, light color (so you can see your stitches clearly) and medium weight.
Consider the need for 3-4 line skeins for a newborn or lap blanket. Double that estimate for a larger blanket.
If you are still unsure if you have enough line for the project at hand, buy one or two extra skeins.
If you are purchasing dyeing line, make sure that all dies have the same dye lot number on the label. Otherwise, your skeins may be of slightly different colors.

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