Chunky knit cardigan - Cardigan Model Asian rays.

How about making a cardigan with the tip that brought?

We will show you that it is not difficult to create a cardigan in your home with simple steps. Just see the step by step linkamos for you and soon you will be fierce on the subject. A super simple recipe to learn and perform. Check the process of creating and go imagining how you will do yours too. It's pretty cool, you can even call her friend to learn along with you. After all, two heads are better than one! The Cardigans are super high this winter. Then breathe in warm looks and play your cardigan over to give that look. made knitting cardigans are practical, delicate and well the face of winter. So we made a selection of some models to be inspired and play on your look ...

Video Tutorial Cardigan Model Asian rays (chinchilla)

➦ How to Knit "Asian spike" spokes. Lessons for beginners

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