Learn how to make the slip point and single point.

How to Slip Stitch in Crochet - Video Tutorial 

How to  slip stitch crochet
In today's article we will learn how to make the very low point, a point widely used in crochet revenue. Below is an image and a step by step to facilitate learning.

irst step: Insert the needle a little chain.
Step Two: Take the line and pull into the second chain on and take the loop in one movement
Very low point: is used for amendments careers in terminations and we move on the job. It is not a crochet stitch that will be used to work an entire piece with it. It is a point that will not be visible in the final work, serving to refer you to the next step. It is a point without volume. That does not have time.

If you are reading this sentence because this is really willing to learn! Congratulations!
At first it may seem tiresome to have to get training often the same point, but that's the secret train hard without worrying about weaving complete pieces, this annoying part does not last long, if you train one hour a day for twenty days or will be able (a) to start building your first piece.
Worth learning, as well as everything is an inexpensive art that does not require expensive machinery, if you miss the point can break and do it again with the same line; you can do almost everywhere, taking advantage of moments that perhaps desperdiçaríamos, such as in the waiting room of a doctor's office, etc ...

The slip stitch is often used to close careers. If you liked the article leave a comment.

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