Learn how to make this beautiful peppermint afghan for your Christmas.

Already prepared for Christmas? I have an idea for you, peppermint afghan for your Christmas.

Technique crochet Tunisian or Afghan tissue Get great for Christmas with peppermint crochet afghan. The crochet technique has many options, some of which are typical of an area or region, such as the point of Tunisia or tissue Afghanistan. First make a turn chains, as above said, according to the standard or the clothes you want to do. Place the hook for each of the chains and let off point. Get well m point for each chain.
The peppermint afghan is often used to prepare for the Christmas decorations. There are beautiful grounds this technique that can be used to let your beautiful home and for this period of the year.

If you want to see the pattern written Afghan PDF RED HEART peppermint

Learn how to make a beautiful tree crochet for your Christmas.

➠ Crochet christmas tree Pattern.

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