Mandala Madness Colorful - Step by Step

Today you can count on beautiful models mandalas crochet to give that touch daring the decor of your home. There carpets are made with the technique which are Tapestry as Mandala that can be placed in the wall or even to decorate the floors in different environments.

There are many models and you can choose whatever suits your taste and the style you want to harmonize with the decor. Mandalas are round, and you can dare in colorful stripes in floral designs, geometric, in short, in every way. The secret is to use many bright colors to let the visual and cheerful and relaxed.

Yarns which can be used in crochet Mandala

There are several types of yarn that can be used on carpets mandalas, among them the Baroque of the Circulo, Baroque Decorate the trapilhos which are wire mesh, finally, the way you like best, you can choose the wires, but remember that the more colorful is your carpet, the better.

Download Patterns Mandala HERE

Today these rugs have won the grace of many people. That is why there is a huge market in the production of these parts. They are beautiful pieces produced with a lot of creativity, and you can get them at crafts stores, or online stores