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(This pattern is available as a free download Ravelry)
Although the basics of this standard are not a little difficult, many newer crocheters seem to be encountering some difficulties to follow below. Therefore, I suggest that this pattern requires at least advanced beginner to intermediate crochet skills. If you are having trouble understanding directions, please feel free to PM me and I will try to help you.

✄ Line 2: Skip the first space. In the space between the2nd and 3 CRT * Work 2 trc, ch 1, 2 CRT. In the next space, work V point. In the next space, work 2 trc, ch 1, 2 CRT.
You have 5 spaces to work -. You do not work for the first or the last spaces *

✄ Row 13: You repeat what is in the brackets twice, not three times

✄ Row 14: * The first is in the wrong place. It should read:
Ch 4. Shell the first Shell. Sk 3 CRT.
V next CRT. * Ch 2 sc in next ch 3 sp. ch 5, sc in next ch 3 sp 3 times. CH 2 V in the next SC. * Rep from * to * once.
The rest of the line is spelled correctly.

Basically, these stitiches V occurring in the CRT is at the beginning and end of the lines are there to shape. In the middle of the line, the V points goes to the sc between the fans.

Lines 15-18 are correct as written.


Basically Triangular lace shawl is worked from the bottom up. Once the lines are created complete, the pattern basically consists of a repetition of four rows that can be easily memorized. Shawl can be done in the preferred size or Large (small) in size that you want to make, simply by working repetitions row self-propelled. The film required will vary depending on the size chosen. While standard was created using fingering weight yarn, crocheters have worked it in pesos with great success heavier (wool and dk).

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