Tutorial free pattern crochet scarf Free Pattern.

How to Make a Scarf Crochet with Chart.

This scarf in crochet is too beautiful to be used as collar superimposed. Learn from the first point, making this tissue crochet that can be used in different ways.

For those who do not have much ability to do work in knit or crochet, the loom brings you having this difficulty a technique that will allow learning more easily.

With the method done on looms allow you to make many beautiful pieces, such as carpets, shawls, blankets for babies, scarves, blouses and many others in which your imagination can reach.

These are works that may be made with wool, threads and strings. Parts that you can create and creative accessories, turn into great ideals.

This beautiful triangular scarf will share made by the artisan Marcia Esther, was a labor of line, but if you want to play with the wool is also very beautiful and the winter will be a great option.

Scarf Chart - simple point