How to Crochet Extreme Drop Stitch - Free Patterns

Learn how to make the Drop Point Video Tutorial

The crochet is a very old technique, but is increasingly high. Crochet is to handle the line, either wool or yarn, with a long needle tip curve. The size of the needle will depend on the thickness of the yarn you choose to work. The promptness of the hands is forming a plot that may contain different combinations of points.

The point Drop Extreme Crochet Stitch is fantastic and for those who are starting in the art crochet must learn and train the main points: little chain, high point, low and very low point. With these basic points, and crochet nozzles for carpets and dish cloths, you can also do other very varied parts. If you like it, stay here with us to check out the step by step 4 indispensable crochet points.

✁ Starting with this entry point

✁ In this image we are starting to make the drop

✁ Here you have had your first drop

In the video below, found in Teresa Richardson YouTube channel, you'll learn how to make easily the point of Crochet Drop Stitch. Come on?

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