What crochet line buy for my work?

To play safe, always think about the questions below.

What kind of piece I bring forth? Scarf, necklace, shoe, clothing ...
What the play style? Casual, day-to-day, party ...
What crochet points I will use? Are simpler or more complicated points?
If someone's model, which the material and the weight of crochet line indicated by it?
Well, let's go.

crochet thread is a textile usually made of wool, cotton or acrylic. It is made of wires (or layers) twisted together to form a thick rope material. This information is given on the label with the name of "texture" or simply "tex". The higher the number, the greater the number of folds (twisting) will line. This will interfere with how the point will be sharp.

The chosen line can accentuate or camouflage the effect you are trying to create. So always combine crochet line with crochet stitch that will be used.

As a general rule, the more extravagant for the line, the simpler should be the model of the piece and crochet stitch used. The more sober and smooth for a crochet line, more texture and model details will appear.

Here are some guidelines:

Crochet line with soft thickness in a solid color: Use these wires to more complex crochet points. They demonstrate their efforts in making work.

In general, bent or twisted wires are sophisticated and classic (with the number of higher texture). Wires with single layers are rustic and relaxed (with the number of lower texture).

The advantage of showing the details of the work has the disadvantage of showing errors, so check your work periodically to not find an error only at the end when the part is already ready. Everything has its good side and the other not so good, lol.