Crochet Afghan carpet - Photos, Patterns and video!

How to Crochet An Afghan: 6 Point Star

Who does not have a crochet rug at home? Or remember that crochet rug that was in your mother or your grandmother? Crochet today may not be so present in the houses, as a few years ago. But this only made increasingly crochet rugs or string to become even more sophisticated and a very charming decorative object.

Paths of bed, bathroom sets, frames, crochet rug for the kitchen to the living room, or in decorative objects, the options are many and embellish any environment. Twine rugs are a great example of manual work and beautiful, with plenty of creativity to the decor of your home.

It may seem a little complicated or time consuming at first, to learn to crochet, but over time it gets easier and faster, gradually you will getting the practice and adapting the manual work required.

Some people look for crochet rug just to apply the decor of your home, but there are also marketing this work, after all a manual design if done right, can yield good money to supplement his income or to the main source of family income.


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