Easy crochet granny square baby blanket

Square Crochet | How To | Step by step ▩

Today we will learn to make Square Baby Blanket. I know the house who makes crafts always lack of space to store paint, brushes, lines, wool and everything that is used for making the crafts. Here at home is so spare imagination and lack of space to store a multitude of knickknacks, always with the excuse that one day I will still need.

I have so many wool and lines that keep in transparent boxes and separated by colors. I have skeins of wool stored for more than ten years.

In this article you will learn step by step how to make a square crochet.

The crochet square is ready.

Use your imagination, the square crochet may be the size you want. It can also be made of wool to make shawls, scarves, sweaters, coats, both in wool, as online.

It can also be made rugs, bedspreads, barred from towels, pillows, table runners and door toilet paper. Both can be used thicker wire, but can also be used a thinner yarn of your choice.

The square can be made in two or more colors, tone on tone, and also in a single color.

See below video Tutorial of work done with the crochet square taught in this article:

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► Basic Granny Square crochet.