Green Cushion Cover - Available Graphics

Cushion Cover with Free Patterns.

Today I am here again to share a cover for cushion in green, very beautiful with you: the green pad !! It had been a while that did not share this kind of work but when I saw this not restrain myself and the time came for the blog to post. (I have written step by step) only graphics.
The ca Green Cushion is very good why today is much better to give an authentic touch to your decor, rather than buying already stamped pads. And this practice also helps save right girls. I hope you enjoy today's graphic because it I am sharing this pad model for you choose.
Speaking a little about the plot of the green pad, on it you will find the two models: the Raw Pad and Pad Green. To make the green cushion you will use charts 1 and 2 which show how to make the points and after the finish.

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I hope you enjoyed this work!