Crochet Centerpiece: models, charts and recipes!

Florido Table Runner Crochet - Footsteps and Graphics

Revenue from today could be another beautiful creation crochet, beautiful Centerpiece The graphics are available for all you teach to do this beautiful coffee table in crochet. Their inspiration was our tropical climate and why were the traces of pineapple fruit. The suggestion was raw in color, but you can also play in all colors of the line.

Path or coffee table is a kind of towel that is used to enfeitas tables. They are called so because they are long and shaped like rectangles, straight like a path. They are great to put on tables, cabinets, desks, dressers, coffee tables among many other furniture. Besides being a very nice item to be crochet adds more charm to work, even with all these flowers and detail that path. We will follow step by step and learn how to make this beautiful path table.

The finished part will be in the 90cm size and is a great choice for round tables. As a piece of single color, it brings a more sophisticated air to the environment and also facilitates the composition of the decoration.

How good it is to learn from those who know so well this technique, is not it? See wealth in the details: