Crochet shawl patterns for beginners.

This crochet shawl for beginners is perfect for everyday use in green with a beautiful set of clothes will let your loook more beautiful. Prepare the House to receive relatives and friends using an accessory like that is always a pleasure and brings us moments of great joy.The crochet shawl is part wild card at the guard - clothes during the winter, they heat up and gives glamor to your production!If you do not know "crochet", it's time to take risks, because you certainly have to have a shawl of these in your closet! crochet shawl step by step - Items produced from the crochet technique are present usually appreciated, despite the time invested in practice, and patience involved in the manufacturing process. In addition, the wide variety of possible products - such as ponchos, berets, scarves, belts, skirts etc. - It makes you even more evident the intrinsic universality to the practice of crochet.

Check out this inspiring crochet model:

The following materials are needed: 4mm needle and thread the desired color, whereas in the tutorial we used the Baroque Multicolor line. You can find several shawl manufacturing hand crochet easily in journals in practice and dissemination of models for crochet or sites that promote the same kind of posting, making them free and completely - detailing with pictures of each step.

The video is in Russian, it gives more to put subtitles in English
Video Tutorial made Svetlana Bersanova

Beautiful motif for shawls For Beginners por Craftsdoityourself
Line using lion brand shawl in a ball yarn. 

Here is the pattern as best as I can figure. This is a very simple motif. Additional motifs are as they are made (watch the video once you have seen how the individual motif is made and it should make sense). She makes her doubles and trebles slightly different, but "normal" ones will work just the same.

Chain 8
Join w / slip stitch to first chain
Ch 2 (counts as first double crochet)
23 dc into ring
Join w / ss to the top of the ch 2 (24 dc)
Ch 4 (counts as first treble crochet)
Tc into same stitch as the join, and next two stitches (4 tc)
Ch 3
Tc into same stitch as last tc, and in next 3 stitches (8 tc)
Ch 8
Tc into same stitch as last tc, and in next 3 stitches (12 tc)

Continue around alternating the ch 3 and ch 8 spaces until you have 32 tc, 4 ch 3 spaces, and 4 ch 8 spaces
Join last ch 8 w / ss to top of ch 4
Fasten off

If you think any part of this is incorrect, please feel free to add the correct directions. :)
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