How to make a Knit coat.

The fashion world is always under renovation and this renewal is often with crochet or knitting. This time the fashion is bringing back the hand-crafted pieces made in free Knit patterns. 

The crochet is an art of weaving that already has a millenary tradition and never lose your space when it comes to making part of the romantic environments decorations or children's clothes, but to the adult clothing was kind of forgetful.

But now that resurfaced, the crochet is in great evidence in the fashion world; especially in beautiful coats, which can be shorts, long, decorated with precious stones, containing a single color or very colorful.

The crochet jackets were rescued from the time of our grandparents and came to be part of the current wardrobe with the most diverse looks of modern woman, and not just the obvious visual sweet and feminine, but also those a little more stylish and surprising. 

Choose your ideal look, your favorite color, a beautiful model and point and make your own knit coat to enter in this fashion.

Jacket made by Mari Muinonen, the written step by step can be found here  RAVELRY PATTERNS 

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