How to make a crochet cardigan.

You usually do crochet Cardigan? but you never tried to make a cardigan before? Maybe you're new to the world of crochet, but saw a cardigan model that left him wanting to try. Whatever the case, a crochet cardigan need not be intimidating. Follow a few simple steps and you will succeed with your creation.

Instructions Crochet Cardigan

Select a template. If you are beginner, try a top-down model. He will be working all in one piece from neck to hem and the sleeves will be added later. This is the easiest model to crochet, because there is not a join to do at the end of the project. If you already have skill with sewing, try a traditional cardigan, which will be worked on pieces that are glued together at the end.

If you have a book of models, it is likely that the models estajam listed by level of difficulty. Choose an easy model if this is your first outfit and go hindering their work with the progress of their skills. If you need a model, you can find them for free or at reduced cost online. Another approach is to visit your local lines store and ask one of the staff to help you choose a good model.

Choose your line. Take into consideration the weight, cost, color and season before doing so. How much line your model need and weight? You do not have to make the cardigan the same wire used in the sample model, but you should keep the same weight (of wool, of thickness etc.). The model should also say how many meters of line you need.