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There are many models of Butterfly made Crochet Pattern. This was made by the artisan LunarHeavenly and is very simple and easy to make, and even scraps of wires that you can conquer gorgeous models for various purposes such as tiaras, hairpins, brooches, bracelets, belts, or even for applications with Free Patterns. There are a lot of things that can be used to make the butterfly.

Always use your imagination. The Dune cord between others is a good thread to work, and you can start the crochet butterfly by doing the following: With another color, even without having the default model with Butterfly chart, you can go back, do low, medium and high 1 3 1, 1and 1 highest point, 1 medium and 1 low. The last career on the edge of the wing,which will be another color, begins in the first 1 lowon highlight, and do 2 low, 1 down, go back and do 3 chains ending with 1 low.

The body of the butterfly that you can work with embroidered with the needle and black thread. There are many other models and moulds Crochet Butterfly graph you can follow the step by step andmake beautiful items. In this I'm going to give you now the following: make a chain of 10 points, and make 4 careers. Change the color and the tip of the 12 current points and hold the third low do outros16 current points and hold the other end. Now go back doing 1 bass, 1 medium and 26 lows within the larger ring complete with 1 point and 1 low.

Start now in a smaller ring with 1 low, medium and high 15.1, complete with 1 point and 1 low. The LunarHeavenly specializes in making Crochet Butterfly Patterns. Follow the pictures below and make your Butterfly brooch right now.

Image: Heavenly Lunar 

Tutorial Instructions LunarHeavenly (Brooch Pattern Free)

 The small flowers are more than 30 to the pin. Voc6e certainly have a lot of work

  In the process of painting, Look for a fabric paint to color your flowers

You can color the color you prefer, You're the colors of the rainbow

 For the elaboration, you will have to have a base to cut the butterfly shape, the felt was used to mold the piece

Tailoring a time, and work is progressing

   And finally you will have this beautiful brooch
Never done a Crochet Butterfly? Learn how to make now!

How to make A Crochet Butterfly por Craftsdoityourself

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