➤ Crochet Box Stitch Baby Blanket (FREE PATTERNS)

Learn how to make this Crochet Box Stitch Pattern. This point is widely used between the crocheteries, in a single colored line. Following the instructions in the Crochet Box stitch section of the Mypicot Pattern site, you can have different color alternations. This is a very nice point. You can follow the dot-in-video box for you to do. This point is very simple to do, but with this 1 basic points I will teach you can already start to have fun. 1 Current period (current): It is essential to start the crochet work, whatever. Without knowing the current point is impossible to get work on crochet, it's the basis to start any game. It's super easy to make and delicious for practice. Certainly all crocheters love learn a new point in practice. If you receive a prescription for crochet and find the abbreviation "Corr" is the current point (or chain) you will have to do.

To make the Crochet Box Stitch Baby Blanket, simply wrap the thread around the hook hook of the crochet and pull through the lace on your hook. This completes a current point. Repeat this until you have the desired amount of points you need to string the default.

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The Crochet Stitch Patterns are made with very fondness and dedication by Gau and Craftsmen, which in addition to knitting for the pleasure of helping others, also do it for the health benefits that practice brings: decreased stress, relief of mental fatigue and stimulation of motor coordination. The pieces go to the voluntary project "Mutim of Love", also responsible for making trousseaus for mothers in a situation of social vulnerability. "We do for the ' love ' and also I do to give it to people known, sometimes a sister wants to give a little gift to a pregnant woman, hence they bring the wool and I Do", finalizes dona Gau: "Always for donation" see the video below and learn how to make the Crochet Box Pattern.