Set crochet Pattern Free - Learn how to make

See the free graphics of the child set for Baby

All about Free Pattern to make this beautiful Crochet children's set, this set of drink is very simple to do in crochet stitches with the pattern, very well known and they have a very nice result. It is an important piece to warm the child, especially in the cradle at the time of the cold at bedtime for her to be nice and warm.
This free pattern, is gentle and sure the newborn felt welcomed and very warm at bedtime. Or can also be used at the time of the ride for him to feel protected.

Below we share the free pattern of material needed:

-Colors according to your taste;

-Small Buttons of your choice;

-4 lines of your choice;

-Crochet needle number 3.

Below is the free pattern:

Is procundo for free crochet patterns? Find here various types of crochet and knitting free chart pattern recognition.

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