Textured pattern Tutorial

The knitting free pattern is known to be a yarn interlacing technique, which may be made of wool or textile fiber in an organized manner thus, creating a cloth, which by its texture and elasticity characteristics, is also known as knit free knitting or simply knitting.

The free knitting can be done manually with two needles or just one, that besides making the entanglement of wires, creating the knitting stitches, make knit free knitting pattercom points already woven.

The knitting technique was born in Egypt where the entanglement was done with bone or wood, after the Belgian led this technique to the English where women use knitting to produce socks and scarves to protect their husbands and children in the winter.

So the knitting technique is closely related to the coldest days in winter. Today, with technology you can find summer knits with light wires and appropriate to the knitting, even on the hottest days, even in stores you can find summer pieces made with knitting stitches, but with lighter wires and freshly baked.