Step by Step - Half Knitting free pattern with straight needles

Hello friends knitters who follow my blog websites free pattern!

In today's post I will teach a free half pattern high pipe, which can also be called cuffs boot or boot gaiters.

knitting socks is one of those accessories that give a super special charm and serve to compose the look with long or short boots and do not lose the function of giving that warmed the legs. 🙂

It's an easy piece to who is starting to knit and for those who already have practice, it is an option to earn that extra money, making this prettiness for the winter!

Then prepare the needles and yarn and follow our pattern free and get to work.

Girls, I hope I've helped at least a little bit you because I made with great care, although the pictures are not in connection, but the number is easier to identify the explanation.

I do not know you but my greatest difficulty was always the heel, now I learned how to do it is much easier to knit with those blessed needles 2 tips that were my horror ...

Another colorful model