Carpet in 3d. Crochet free pattern

Execution: 3d carpet made from crochet pattern free

1 career:
With the line of your choice do 56 chains.
In the 4th chain do 3 highlights, 3 chains, skip 2 basis points and the third current do 3 high points, repeat until the end of his career.
At the end of his career doing a high point in last chain getting with 4 high points as at the beginning of the string.

2 career:
Climb with 3 chains, in the first high point of base do 3 highlights caught behind, 3 chains and repeat until the end of his career.
Remembering that this piece is all worked right and upside down.
Do a total of 50 careers or 61 cm in length.

Finishing: nozzle
 1st carr:
Do all around the carpet a career low points and 4 corners do 1 chain.

 2 career:
With Baroque White Maxcolor do around all over the carpet a career high points and 4 corners do within the scope of current 1, 2 high point, 2 chains and 2 highlights.

 third career:
Make 3 blocks high points and 2 chains around the entire piece.
In the 4 corners do fans (3 points, 2 chains, 3 high points in the same place).
Do a total of 4 careers.

 7th career:
On the block of space make 3 highlights, 1 Picot, 3 high points.
Next 1 block low and follow so the entire piece.
In the 4 corners do 5 highlights, 1 Picot, 5 high points.

Dimensions: 80 cm X 50 cm
     Made by: Soraia Bogossian