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Infant Crochet dress for beginners

Crochet baby dress for some time already occupied the wardrobes of moms, is the part that was forgotten for a while and came back with a vengeance. And with this tropical climate and high temperatures that have in some Countries, the play couldn't fit better. So, if you don't yet have the outfit in the closet, it's time to put the needles to move around or chasing a.

Watch the Video and learn to make your First Child Dress

If you have already inspired graphics to create the sets, but still with a bit of difficulty, split up some options of how to make different models with step by step video. In addition to view every detail of the production of the piece, you can still take advantage of the ideas with different models, so you can choose a dress that has exactly what you love most. If your knitting needles were forgotten in a corner, it is time to suspend the retirement of items, buy online and rely on models that range from long pieces such as shorter, long, and with different types of sleeves and necklines. The graphics help in time to follow the point used in the template, and with a lot of inspiration you can merge information from different dresses, to create a unique piece, after all with creativity you can create beautiful versions.

Video Explicato for beginners - Crochet dress step by step

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CHILD CROCHET DRESS: models and step by step!


Among the possibilities when creating a look for little girls, there is also the option of points with wool line, as is the case of this version. Here the model without magas and in the color gray is a cutie and in the bar still has the detail of white flowers also made of wool. The possibility of different stitches of crochet is what allows to create numerous models of clothing for the little girls. In this outfit, the piece was all made in shades of light blue and white, and the more spaced points leave the dress fresh for the hot days. If you already have skill for this type of embroidery, in addition to the dress also gives to create crochet shoes to leave everything matching. Besides the little feet matching the dress, you can still make tiara, panties and even little hats.

This is one of those models that although basic is a charm. The piece with more closed points mixes yellow and blue whiting. To make it easier to dress the baby and at the same time more delicate, the buttons on the racing sleeve are ideas.

            This inspiration is a mix of points - in the part of the body, the points follow a style and in the little skirt there is another style. The super delicate and sleeveless model is graceful and the pink tea leaves the feminine piece.

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Newborn Crochet Poncho Tutorial " VIDEO TUTORIAL"


Poncho for Rescem born made of crochet for those cold days that are already coming back and it is very important to be prepared for the temperature drops. Autumn / winter gives us the opportunity to create beautiful pieces that leave a much more charming and elegant look. The Crochet poncho is a very versatile piece that can be used on several occasions. Very useful is practical and moms mostly like very much to have a poncho in their wardrobe for the colder days. How many little chains to adult size? Make a multiple of 8 and measure for you do not know how to use poncho? No? But you should! it can help you time to leave the house as if he were still wrapped in a blanket! All because he is so warm and fechadinho it seems that you are even wrapped a cobertinha, and break even powering the look! No doubt it is a piece cool to let the more interesting and less obvious cold looks. Originally from South America, the piece is made of sheep wool beat used to protect people from regions such as Peru, Argentina, Chile and also Brazil, especially Southerners.

"Step by step crochet poncho - Video Tutorial"

Newborn Crochet Poncho Tutorial por Craftsdoityourself


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