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Amigurumi Unicorn Crochet Pattern (PDF)


The children's day is coming up and I started to make a unicorn amigurumi pattern, to give away to the kids in my life: my 3 nephews (5 girls, 2 years and a baby who will be born, and a boy of 7) and a cousin/niece baby that owns this first amigurumi crochet pattern unicorn, a baby Unicorn with approximately 25 cm. See some rainbow unicorn pictures free logo below.

The Unicorn free amigurumi pattern

The unicorn horn pattern is a legendary creature that symbolizes power, luxury and purity. It's a sweet, innocent, selfless that carries magical attributes. Its most striking physical feature is the spiral horn – which believed there was a powerful antidote against evil. And to have with you a beautiful creature like this just ask the unicorn free pattern crochet your, which was done with a lot of love and care. Is an excellent piece to give or decorate your home or party. Made with 100% cotton thread, Silicon fiber filler. If you do not have time to make your baby unicorn. Follow the link of unicorns for sale straight from Promotion Amazon.


Make your first crochet amigurumi Unicorn: Unicorn Baby

The unicorn pattern crochet is my first big piece, where I had to join several parts to form the pet. In addition to the head, have the 4 paws, body, horns and ears to do in circular form. In addition we have the tail and mane of the bug, which I changed doing highlights and stalling like curls. Now the beautiful crochet your unicorn.