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Horse Blanket (Pattern Instructions)


How to make a horse Crochet Pattern

Do crochet allows you to create loops and knots intricate that form a menagerie of shapes, such as flowers, birds and marine life. Elegant curves do Pattern free crochet horse turn in ideal specimen to mimic with a crochet project. The size of this project will vary depending on the crochet hook you use and the weight of the line. Try create animals more fragile or bulky. The Default plan profile horse can be framed for display. (217 x 218 points)

➥ Instructions-Horse Blanket Pattern Free

Make crochet horse head first. It will consist of three rounds. Do seven chains and join in first using a very low point. Make a chain and 10 low points in the center of the circle you just created with the first seven chains to complete the first round. Make a chain and a low point in each point of the first round and join when you finish it. Make two chains and a high point in every point around to create the third. Make a double highlight next two points. Give three very low points on the side of the second high point double. Make very low points in the next five points.

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