➤ White Crochet Sundress

Today I bring a new video on how to make a white crochet sundress very nice and easy to develop we begin the waist dress by nine wide chains, advance to the second round this point means putting in each previous point, in the third stage, the midpoints are colon and cut loose by a chain, the fourth back an ink in each previous point here in the lap point is changed and put a crowbar in each above, the sixth round is three belt loops and two chains and separation, in the seventh lap three belt loops and two semicircular grooves followed in the Centre, eight lap three extruded three chains and ninth just add four ridges until a long time falling down. The materials used in this children's dress are wool, scissors, and crochet and needle as we see to the preparation of the bodice of the dress is made by placing in midpoints of each previous point then to make chain dress sleeves points are made and then comes 5 midpoints put back in each previous point and a crowbar levers are made at each point prior to give that touch down and narrow width above,

Infant crochet white sundress




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