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How to crochet a blanket - Free Pattern

In this post you will be inspired with the crochet baby blanket. A lovely models. Here the pieces were made according to the same style-point range closed for the whole piece and crochet lace was made in point secret. Made with a fully differential point the piece and gives a beautiful style for the craftsmanship. In addition, the moment you choose the color and the line will be covered is important, and in this case the softer line let the quilt with more volume. If you are in search of a simpler model of infant blanket can be inspired in this model. To make the blanket, the idea was to use chain style points that blend between open and closed and the design of small bears throughout the work. The result is a funny and let the play clean white string and ideal for both boys and girls; What causes the piece to be unisex. See also Other Blanket Model 


If you've ever ventures between crochet shoes, one of the possibilities is to venture among the thematic baby blankets. In this model, the subject of Teddy bears was the choice and manta following the technique of squares (square), which are made separately and then together. The squares were decorated with flowers and teddy bears, earning a point and relief were made in squares of different colors, giving a colorful touch to the crochet baby blanket.

Creativity and craftsmanship are always holding hands. The craftsmanship requires that practices a certain concentration, a State of mind more controlled and calm. Therefore we have great results, including controlling stress, give joy, satisfaction, self-fulfilment, at different levels. The crochet is one of the oldest techniques of which the artisans use until today to take advantage of all this. When it comes to baby layette, or even the production of single pieces to the wardrobe of these little people so loved by all of us, it seems that these values are multiplying, and a charming world opens for adults, especially for moms and grandmas.