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The manual and craft technique that involves making the crochet rug / string is still being used, and is an excellent way to earn extra income with work or even a way to decorate the house. The use of the play can happen in several ways, after all there are numerous possibilities for points and styles, and this allows the part to be a wildcard for different styles in decor.

Styles and crochet mats models:

Styles and models crochet rugs: Simple Surely you have heard that less is more. And that's just the idea of ​​this kind of string mat. The no-frills model can be in different formats, and is usually made with raw string, but this is not a rule. You can even vary a bit in the points, but the idea is to follow trends simpler and can be done by beginners in practice. Among the most frequently used points are the little chain or high point to give a little relief to play.

Crochet doily rug por Craftsdoityourself

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Crochet string rug por Craftsdoityourself
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