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Coat Female Infant Crochet this lovely coat has a rustic and very current air and to be sure the difference in time to warm up any baby in winter. Following the chart and the step by step this craftsmanship is ready quickly. This beautiful children's jacket is perfect for cooler days can be placed on top of a beautiful cacharrel blouse underneath and so keep your baby warm on cold days. Coat baby pink and white Crochet, easy to make graphic and left his beautiful and gentle girl. A piece made with a very beautiful work that has a unique look. The model is very simplified and quick to make, colors can be of your choice along with the ornament buttons.

Below we share the step by step needed:

1. In the fifth chain, insert the needle and make the first high point.

2. Make highlights, by the end of the current career.

3. Make 3 chains, already counting as a high point

4. Do: 2 high points at each high point base (Totaling 12 highlights)

5. make two high points in each of the base (Totaling 24 highlights)

6. 4 Careers - Only Highlights.

7. In 5th career, make 2 highlights together and a high point

8. In 6th career, only highlights

9. 7th Career: 2 Highlights together and 1 high point.

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