Crochet stitch - Step by Step

Set up a free pattern is the base add the true first stitches in Crocheting needle yarn before you begin crocheting. There are several types of basic stitches of knitting. Some of them is to create points right elastic and are perfect to do pieces like socks and hats, others are really tight, inelastic, best for scarves. There are also temporary bases of Crocheting  yarn you are made to be easily undone so interwoven in the other direction or double wires (usually called invisible seam, use Kitchener stitch). This article will teach you two easy methods and with free pattern that any beginner can understand.

The accordion point leaves a piece of elastic cord and also gives a more interesting for her. If you know the point knitting, you can easily learn the accordion wire point. In this article, you will learn a concertina 2 point with free pattern. This means that two tricĂ´s and two socks. Can adapt easily to other sizes. After a while, you'll learn how to figure out how the knitting point compared to the half. You will be able to work only with the vision, instead of decorating you have to do half or Mercerized cotton yarn.

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