How to make a Crochet Infant blanket


How to make a Crochet blanket blanket handmade is a special gift for any baby. And nothing better to do you crochet. You can do it to give away at a baby shower or for your own baby using one of these methods.
Choose your line. There are various types of lines. If you are beginner will be easier to work with a simple line. The lines are divided by weight or thickness. The weight of the line will determine how big your points will be, what the appearance of the finished work and what the needle size you need to use. Will also define how long you'll take to finish his work. You will see the weight or thickness of the line written on the label, they go from 0-6-income. Here are some recommended sizes for a baby blanket.

Model for shawl virus

1-Super fine: good for delicate work, quilts with worked points.
2-fin: good for light blankets or even cute.
3-take: good for warm clothes or even blankets not too heavy.
4-medium: a little heavy, but very easy to work with.

June 1 method: plan your Blanket

Decide a size. Baby blankets come in different sizes. Before you begin, you should decide which size of blanket will do. Here are some common measures of quilts for babies and toddlers. The smaller size is perfect to cover a newborn; Choose a larger size if you want to use the blanket longer.
Newborn blanket 90 cm x 90 cm –
Crib blanket-90 cm x 130 cm
Child quilt – 100 cm x 150 cm


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