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Crochet blanket free pattern, as we know is one of the parts that can not miss in a trousseau for drink, not even when the birth is in the summer season, because the little when it comes to the world needs a lot of warmth and comfort.There are various models and suggestions, colors and you nicks deferential, points of a variety that can be created beautiful works in free pattern blanket, placing beautiful flowers appliques, laces, satin ribbons, embroidery and tulle. There are creative formats that can be made into shawls or blanket, exciting ideas so you can do not only for the trousseau of your baby, but also to give someone, or even to sell. Who is the mother know how much is needed to blankets and shawls in a baby layette, from birth to a certain age the child should feel protected, and which ones need are exactly all maternal feeling to express, not it is true? A handmade and by yourself blanket is a special gift for any baby. And nothing better than crochet. You can do it to give as a gift in a baby shower or for your own baby using one of these methods.

Learn how to make this beautiful child Blanket 

(Pattern written below)

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1) Decide one size. Baby blankets come in different sizes. Before you begin, you must decide what size of blanket you will make. Here are some common blanket measures for infants and toddlers. The smaller size is perfect for covering a newborn; Choose a larger size if you want to use the blanket longer.

Newborn blanket - 90 cm x 90 cm
Cot blanket - 90 cm x 130 cm
Children's bedspread - 100 cm x 150 cm

2) Choose your line. There are several types of lines. If you are new it will be easier to work with a simple line. Lines are divided by weight or thickness. The weight of the thread will determine how large your stitches will be, what the finished work looks like, and what needle size you will need to use. It will also set how long it will take you to finish your work. You will see the weight or thickness of the line written on the label, they range from 0 - Render to 6 - Robusta. Here are some recommended sizes for a baby blanket.
1- Super Fine: good for delicate work, quilts with worked stitches.
2 - Fine: good for lightweight blankets or even fluffy.
3 - Light: Good for warm clothing or even not too heavy.
4 - Medium: a bit heavy, but very easy to work with.

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