Wonderful free crochet patterns simply flower

You should start making this beautiful flower web free crochet yarns with a multiple number of four small chains patterns free. It makes more 5 little chains to the next wire career. Pula two small base currents and is a high point in the next wire free small currents, make two small chains and a high point. Then continue to the end of small chains. For the next career, make some chains to return and in each space created in the previous race, we put high 10 points, a low point at the height of the previous career. Repeat 10 high points and low the previous career high by the end of work patterns free. Then just wrap the work and sew down. Follow our tips here on the blog free web crochet patterns.

The artisan Carmen Mathews sent us this step-by-step rolled flower crochet. It is super simple to make and give a nice result, and can be used in several ways.

First make a chain with 70 points;

Now work 2 chains a loop and 2 chain work a high point make it to the end will be 24 squares.

Wrap. join and cut the excess.