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Butterfly Crochet Afghan Pattern ( VIDEO TUTORIAL)

Making this beautiful Square Butterfly Afghan Pattern in crochet is charming. It stays perfect in squares, plus the Butterfly Pattern can adorn many handmade pieces as in dresses, blouses for babies, bibs, alternating hats with crochet flowers, on cards and so on. There are so many places where this gorgeous decoration of the butterfly crochet pattern can be used. The crochet is a kind of craft that has entered everything in decoration to never get out. He is present on pillows, American Games, decorative frames and of course, in the wonderful rugs.

How to make crochet butterfly pattern Afghan

The required material is the line in the colours and the brand you prefer. So even this decoration piece is so current and practises to do. Every time we make a piece of craft comes the need to decorate. The Butterfly Afghan Pattern in Crochet is a very delicate option that will look good on any of your handicrafts. So every day, people worldwide search the Internet inspirations of Butterfly Afghan, whether with the intention of having one at home, whether by the will to learn it does. Much of that public is decorating the house and needs ideas for a cozy ambience. If that's your case, Click Here to see other ways to decorate using a Crochet Butterfly Pattern, read the post discover how to use crochet in the decor "and know everything.
Image Debi Dearest

Below we share how to crochet Afghan butterfly in step by step:

Wrap the line on the finger forming a circle, pull the first low (according to photo). Leave a few inches of the line at the beginning of the work, to tighten the circle when the butterfly finishes. See the video tutorial of the Free Crochet Butterfly Patterns to follow the step by step.

Artisans are also looking at trends and novelties in this segment. Thus, the different models of crochet rugs work as an inspiration for new creations.

See also this hint, we gathered in one place 200 fun things to crochet: Decorative Flowers inspirations of Butterfly Afghan. Enjoy this selection that looks amazing! On Amazon

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☞ How to make crochet butterfly with graphic

Horse Blanket (Pattern Instructions)


How to make a horse Crochet Pattern

Do crochet allows you to create loops and knots intricate that form a menagerie of shapes, such as flowers, birds and marine life. Elegant curves do Pattern free crochet horse turn in ideal specimen to mimic with a crochet project. The size of this project will vary depending on the crochet hook you use and the weight of the line. Try create animals more fragile or bulky. The Default plan profile horse can be framed for display. (217 x 218 points)

➥ Instructions-Horse Blanket Pattern Free

Make crochet horse head first. It will consist of three rounds. Do seven chains and join in first using a very low point. Make a chain and 10 low points in the center of the circle you just created with the first seven chains to complete the first round. Make a chain and a low point in each point of the first round and join when you finish it. Make two chains and a high point in every point around to create the third. Make a double highlight next two points. Give three very low points on the side of the second high point double. Make very low points in the next five points.

The complete pattern is available for purchase   Horse Crochet Pattern

>> Other images with horse graphics <<

⇛ Crochet Baby Dress Set ( Pattern Free)

The girls already have a natural grace and all moms buy in clothes or Crochet Baby Set Pattern are beautiful and charming, but some moms are looking for different models and for this reason we came to bring an article showing everything about Crochet baby set Child Dress pattern, that will let your girls real princesses. If you know how to sew is very easy through these molds do numerous models that will make your daughter a Princess, now in case you didn't know, print templates and take it to a good seamstress that she can easily make the model you choose.

Many times mothers want to a specific model of dress and can't find in stores that specialize in something like children's clothing, and so resort to seamstresses whomake the model come out exactly  as you think. The advantage in having a dress for your daughter is to be able to choose the fabric, color and have unique settings, which can be a huge advantage. Split up some beautiful molds Crochet Baby Set Pattern that you can choose the fabric that more like it, and thus have to go after the footwear and accessories with the aim that your child stay beautiful and the way that you want.

Mold children's Dress-Crochet baby set pattern

HOW TO MAKE BABY DRESS por Craftsdoityourself

>> Available for purchase on ETSY <<

The video tutorial is not exactly the same as the above model. As a kid I practically sew and am already teaching my daughter to sew, starting with the method of crochet and knitting.

Owl Blanket Crochet Pattern.

The Owl Blanket Crochet Pattern are fun to decorate any room and easy to make. You can make your crochet owl your first project, learn how to make your first crochet Owl pattern, this blanket to decorate the house, both in your room as in a couch turned upside down, a ledge or other items from home. Put blankets on all open areas that let the light in, or just put a lamp on and take a flashlight or other light source safe with you. Tell scary stories to friends late at night (or during the day, if the covers block light enough); You can even do a sleepover at the cabin. Block the extra holes sticking pillows, pillows or blankets dents in the gaps, but the structure will stand well. Have fun with your first project owl pattern! Access your free Project Pattern Owl Blanket-Download available Free.

The owl pattern designs of baby blankets not only provide comfort and warmth for a newborn, they also serve as a reminder to the rest of the child's life. Many quilts have an outer covering made of soft material and an inner layer for thermal insulation. They are most often made of flannel and cotton. Follow the PDF Owl project, See the templates to create a custom baby owl blanket for the little one in your life.

Start with two pieces deciding the size of your Owl projects patterns. You can choose any color of line you want. Owl blankets are extremely easy to do because they do not need any sewing and the line is a relatively inexpensive material. You can buy meters line with various colors or solid color in any craft store. For example, you can choose a color for your owl blanket pattern on your are your favorite color or thematic pattern that they love. You can also mix and match prints with solid colors, or just use the same colors that are available for download in PDF the Owl blanket crochet pattern.

>> Watch the video with tips for beginners-C2C <<

C2C Corner to Corner Crochet Blanket Tutorial por Craftsdoityourself

Crochet Quilt Blanket Easy Afghan Pattern

The crochet is a way of creating handmade pieces of clothing and other types, such as decorative towels as crochet and quilt blanket etc. It is a very present technique in several countries that pleases a lot of people, because it has various styles and shapes to be created. Crochet quilts made with string are well known for your beauty and colors. Split up some pictures, tips and a video that teaches you step by step to make a crochet quilt using strings. Crochet quilts can be made in raw string (no color) or colored with string. The mixture of the two, with the string quilt just colorful details and raw, can also be used, leaving the different and beautiful quilt. One of the advantages of quilting Easy crochet afghan pattern is to leave the bed for a longer time, because they do not mess up the easy the other types of quilt. The mantas in crochet let your guy with a summer climate and coastline, after all this is a craft that predominates in the region with more beaches. Despite this, it gives a modern and cheerful touch to a house in the city. You can create different models, combining techniques and still market, since the string is a relatively inexpensive material. A way to increase the rent at the end of the month.

"Download PDF Learn Easy crochet afghan pattern"

Easy Crochet Quilt Blanket afghan por Craftsdoityourself

⇰ How to do Simple Crochet for Beginners


Over the years many people have joined make handicrafts to spend time how to do simple crochet, so that clothes and accessories from simple protections for the day to day to become improved handicraft pieces over the years. And one of these techniques that had your origin in medieval times was the technique of how to do simple crochet (will also learn how to make a crochet Cardigan), which is one of the ways to interlace the lines always using a good needle, similar to knitting, however with the use of a single needle tip curve.

Tips for those who are beginners how to do simple crochet.

Image: makeanddocrew

With the use of crochet techniques it is possible to create a good-looking braided with a mesh, and from this braided varied models emerge, such as dresses, tops, touch or carpets.

And to help you with the first steps in the world of crochet, separated the top tips in this video for those who are starting their work of crochet, and I still don't know where to start: see how to make ribs with a crochet cardigan Follow the video Tutorial, how to do simple crochet.

Learn how to add ribbing to a crochet cardigan... por Craftsdoityourself

There are several ideas for how to do a Single crochet, and a more interesting than the other. You can make the template that you want, for the time that you want, how to make a hand with the line to crochet more sophisticated and still embroider pedrarias, for example, or make a more colorful crochet blanket, for use during the day, with more informal and relaxed looks.

>> Video with tips on Crochet for beginners <<

How to Single Crochet Stitch por Craftsdoityourself

 For the younger girls you can make a cardigaN with the shape of the face of Hello Kitty, Kitty's so beloved by children. The base can be made with an oval piece made with lows and beginning with several chain until you get a medium size and go a crocheted around, forming the piece that will be the base. At the end just to make the ears, also low and separately. And to finish the piece, embroider the face details, do and nail a flower in one of the ears and then add the bag strap.

 Another simple way to learn to crochet is to make a well sophisticated handbag, you can crochet a rectangle with the points you want to use and with the line that you want to use, creating a mix of interesting colors. After enough sewing by hand or machine one end of the rectangle forming the base of the bag and leaving the other end as the flap that closes. And to close your purse you can do a crochet too close or put a button or velcro pieces, among many other options. And if you want to increase this type of crochet handbag to party, can embroider a stones in each crochet motif.